Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, specifically ensuring that consistent messages on the core values of the Company and acceptable behaviours. The Board are responsible for achieving best practise and regularly review the context, progress and maintenance of these standards, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The Board is responsible for setting the Group’s strategic direction, the establishment of Group policies and internal controls and the monitoring of operational performance. In accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code and corporate governance best practice, the Board has established a number of committees.


The Audit Committee comprises: Alex Gersh (Chair), Gareth Jones and Maurice Helfgott.  

The Committee’s principal responsibilities are ensuring the financial statements when taken as a whole are fair, balanced and understandable and that an objective and professional relation is maintained with the external auditor.  The Committee also reviews risk management and internal controls.The Chief Executive Officer and Finance Director are invited to attend the meeting as appropriate.

Download the Audit Committee’s Terms of Reference

The Remuneration Committee comprises: Gareth Jones (Chair), Colin Porter, Alex Gersh and Maurice Helfgott. The Committee is responsible for setting the remuneration and benefits of the executive directors.

Download the Remuneration Committee’s Terms of Reference

Response to 2017 AGM Voting

The Nomination Committee comprises: Colin Porter (Chair), Gareth Jones, Alex Gersh and Maurice Helfgott.
The Committee’s principal responsibility is to evaluate the Board’s requirements of directors and senior executives and to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for their nomination, selection and succession.
Download the Nomination Committee’s Terms of Reference


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