Moss Bros

Cancellation of Listing

Scheme Effective Announcement

Update on Timetable

Holding in Company

Grenadier Withdrawal of Appeal

Satisfaction of FCA condition

Response to appeal of Panel Executive’s ruling

Response to Panel Executive ruling

Trading Update

Announcement of results of the Court and General Meeting

Offer Update

Offer Update

Deferral of FY20 Results

Scheme Document

New Articles Moss Bros

Moss-Bros Annual Report 26 January 2019

Moss Bros Annual Report 27 January 2018

Form of Proxy – General Meeting

Form of Proxy – Court Meeting

Consent Letter – Zeus – Scheme Document

Consent Letter – Rothschild – Scheme Document

Consent Letter – Peel Hunt – Scheme Document

Articles of Association of Brigadier Acquisition Company Limited

Articles Moss Bros

Amended Form 8 – Opening Position Disclosure

Form 8 – Opening Position Disclosure

Trading Update

Tripartite Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement (Three Wishes Ltd to World Asia Trading Limited)

Loan Agreement (World Asia Trading Limited to Regiment Acquisition Company Limited)

Loan Agreement (Menoshi Shina to Three Wishes)

Loan Agreement (Adnar to Marquis)

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Shareholder Irrevocable Undertaking – Gatemore Capital Management LLP

Zeus Consent Letter

Irrevocable Undertaking – Maurice Helfgott

Rule 2.11 Letter to Employees

Rule 2.11 Letter to Shareholders

Rothschild Consent Letter

Peel Hunt Consent Letter

Irrevocable Undertaking – Colin Porter

Irrevocable Undertaking – Brian Brick

Rule 2.7 Announcement

Recommended Cash Offer for Moss Bros Group Plc

Directorate Change

Trading Update

Holding in Company

Holding in Company

Directorate Change

Holding in Company